September 2018 Update.

Out Now!

C. WORTH: A Farther Sea cassette.

Still Fresh! 

RUSS WATERHOUSE: Amaro cassette.

MARK RITCHIE: Kidology cassette.

SIMON JOYNER: A Rag of Colts: Disgraced Songs 1987-2012 LP.

Running Low!

5 copies or less remain of NED MILLIGAN: Nature Always Needs Improving LP and RUSS WATERHOUSE: Amaro cassette. RAKE KASH: Herr Tambourine Mann is SOLD OUT.

2016-2017 BUNDLE DEALS!

To clear out space in the office we are offering two bundle deals from our 2016 and 2017 releases. BUNDLE ONE features 3 cassettes: ELOINE: Bizarre Flight, DAS TORPEDOES: The Russian Submarine and SPENCER KEIZER: Havasu Palms. All 3 of these for $10 plus postage. BUNDLE TWO features 2 LPs released in 2016: DAS TORPEDOES: The Madness Inspiration and RAKE KASH: Self-titled. You get both LPs for $14 plus postage.


Coming Soon!

CITIZEN ELECTRICAL: Archive Spinoffs LP (United States), TETSU MINETA cassette (Japan), LEUMANN cassette (Italy), ALAN JONES LP (United States).


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